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Are you looking to ignite your students‘ passion for history? Then my free WW2 One Pager about Spies, Codes, and Secret Agents is for you. Your students will explore the bravery of female spies at D-Day or the genius of code-breaker Alan Turing with ease using this resource. Plus, with the differentiated passages and an answer key, you can ensure that all students are able to engage with the material at their own pace.

Free History Teaching Resources - WW2 Worksheets and Reading Passages by TeacherManuella


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But hey, there’s even more! Aside from the reading passage with questions and answer key, I’ve put together a kickass collection of free supplementary World History resources that’ll take your World War 2 lessons to the next level.

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Although this world war one pager is designed as a standalone resource, it is best used with the „WORLD WAR II BUNDLE„, creating a comprehensive and interconnected learning experience.

Journey Through History with My WW2 Reading Passages Collection

D-Day, the Normandy Invasion - A World War 2 Reading Passage and Worksheets by TeacherManuEllaSpies, Codes and Secret Agents - A World War 2 Reading Passage and Worksheets by TeacherManuEllaAfrican Americans - Tuskegee Airmen - A World War 2 Reading Passage and Worksheets by TeacherManuEllaWomen in World War 2 Reading Passage and Worksheets by TeacherManuEllaAssassination Attempt on Hitler - Operation Valkyre - A World War 2 Reading Passage and Worksheets by TeacherManuElla

These free WW2 reading passages and worksheets about Spies, Codes, and Secret Agents are just a taste of what you can expect from my comprehensive World War II Reading Passages and Worksheets. This one pager collection includes five engaging reading passages on a variety of topics related to WW2, including:

  • Women in World War 2
  • Spies, Codes & Secret Agents
  • D-Day: The Normandy Invasion
  • African Americans in World War II: TUSKEGEE AIRMEN
  • Stauffenberg’s assassination attempt on Hitler: OPERATION VALKYRIE


Free World War 2 Worksheets - Reading Passages from TeacherManuElla

Each passage comes with clear instructions on highlighting key sections and defining essential vocabulary. I also provide an alternate version where students need to assign headlines, this way you can use these reading passages in a differetiated way.

But that’s not all – I also provide an alternative version of the same passage where students can assign headlines to paragraphs, fostering critical thinking skills. Additionally, worksheets with reading comprehension questions and an answer key are included, enabling effortless assessment of student understanding. This material offers various levels of differentiation, ensuring suitability for students of all abilities.


My free WW2 reading passages and worksheets offer a thrilling insight into the world of wartime spies and secret agents. These passages are designed to be engaging, informative and aim to transport students back in time. As they read, students will discover the incredible skills that were required to be a spy during WW2, including code-breaking, infiltration, and sharp observation. They’ll also learn about some of the pivotal moments of the war, from the D-Day landings to the race to develop new weapons.

These worksheets are designed to be both challenging and fun, with reading comprehension questions that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. By using these worksheets, you can help students develop important skills as well as building their knowledge of WW2 history.


My reading passages and worksheets are designed to be easy to use and adaptable to any classroom environment. They can be used as a standalone resource to supplement your existing World War Curriculum.

Tip: However, I recommend using them as part of a larger unit on World War II history called „World War II Unit BUNDLE„. This bundle contains 150+ pages and the following 4 resources:

These World War 2 teaching resources work for both US History or World History alike.

Major Battles of WW2 - Interative PowerPoint Slide by TeachermanuellaInteractive PowerPoint WW2 Pearl HarborInteractive PowerPoint World Leadersworld war 2 project - Interactive PowerPoint TimelineInteractive Notebook Pages WW2 Foreign War Tactics and Policy GoalsInteractive Notebook Mindmap WW2WW2 Interactive Notebook Table of Contents by TeacherManuellaInteractive Notebook Pages WW2 Technological Advancements eg. Atomic Bomb

Topics students are able to cover include war tactics like the Lightning War, when Germany invaded Poland, turning points that were caused by important battles or military campaigns like Pearl Harbor (also known as Pacific Theater), Stalingrad in the Soviet Union, Iwo Jima, or D-Day, when the the allied powers caused a turning point in the World War over the axis powers, wartime conferences, women’s roles at the home front and elsewhere, the roles of African Americans like the Tuskegee Airmen,new technology like the atomic bomb, enigma, radar or aircraft carriers, important world leaders like Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Stalin or Roosevelt. For more information about the contents click on the links above.

Boost Critical Thinking and Reading Comprehension

Overall, these WW2 Reading Passages & Worksheets can be a great addition to your classroom. They are designed to help students learn about World War II history in an engaging manner and students can practice their critical thinking and reading comprehension skills, while also building their knowledge of the war. With this WW2 One Pager Collection, you will have an important tool at your disposal for teaching this important part of history. Whether used as a standalone resource or along with my other World War II Unit BUNDLE resources, these materials are sure to enhance student learning while providing them with all they need in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of World War II history.

Final Thoughts

You can assign the passages and worksheets as individual activities, or use them as part of group work or whole-class discussions. Whatever approach you choose, my materials will help you create a dynamic and engaging learning experience for your students.

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Free WW2 One Pager – Worksheets and Reading Passages

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